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    Extended Hours & Weekends at Dentistry on Bayview

    Extended Hours & Weekends

    To accommodate your family’s busy schedule, we offer evening and Saturday hours for increased flexibility and convenience!

    Personalized Care at Dentistry on Bayview

    Personalized Care

    Each patient has unique needs and situations, so at our North York Dentist, we take the time to understand the individual and develop a dental treatment plan that’s best for you.

    Same-Day Emergency Dentist in North York

    Same-Day Emergency Dentist

    Dental emergencies rarely work with your schedule, but we do! Our team does our best to fit you in for same-day dental emergencies to get you out of pain quickly with a treatment plan that suits your needs.

    Direct Billing to Insurance

    Direct Billing to Insurance

    At our North York Family Dentist, we want to make your whole appointment process as simple as possible. We can even direct bill most major insurance companies to streamline the payment process for your family’s dental appointments!

    Reception Area of Dentistry on Bayview

    Welcome to Dentistry on Bayview Your Dentist in North York, Toronto

    At Dentistry on Bayview, our patients’ health and comfort are our first priority. Our mission is to provide the very best that modern dentistry has to offer and to make the experience as easy, stress-free, and convenient as possible for our patients. Our family dentist in North York prioritizes your dental needs over everything else. We want you satisfied and happy, while focusing on your long-term dental health and a long-lasting smile you are proud of!

    We offer gentle and friendly care for the whole family. Our team uses the latest tools and techniques to keep your teeth healthy and strong. We explain everything clearly and answer all your dental questions, so you feel comfortable and informed. Our dentist near you is here to help you achieve a bright, beautiful smile.

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    Why Choose Dentistry on Bayview?

    Family Owned and Trusted Dental Clinic

    Family-Owned & Trusted Office

    As an independent, family-owned dental practice in North York, every patient is valued and cared for in a professional & friendly manner. Your family’s oral health is our top priority, we do everything in our power to create an environment you are proud to come back to!

    ODA’s most recent fee guide

    Follow the ODA Fee Guide

    We understand that each of our patients’ financial situation may differ. We do our best to make your family’s dental treatment as affordable as possible by following the ODA’s most recent fee guide. If you are looking for a dentist near you, we are here to help.

    Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry in North York

    Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry

    There’s no ‘one size fits all’ method to achieving your best smile. Dr. Chung and his team work with you to tailor treatment options that will work best for you, aesthetically & financially, so you can be proud to show off your dream smile!

    Friendly & Experienced Staff at Dentistry on Bayview

    Friendly & Experienced Staff

    At Dentistry on Bayview, our staff are as invested in your family’s oral health as you are! Their experience and dedication to delivering quality dental care in North York is centred around you & your family’s needs. Book an appointment today to experience our staff’s friendly, family dental care!


    When picking a dentist, focus on their qualifications, experience, and what other patients say for assurance. Make sure the clinic provides the services you need and keeps a clean, friendly atmosphere to help you feel comfortable.

    To keep your teeth healthy, our dentist in North York usually suggests getting a professional cleaning every six months. This helps stop tartar from building up and keeps your smile looking great.

    If left untreated, a dead tooth can lead to infections, abscesses, and potential tooth loss. Seeking timely dental care can prevent further complications and preserve oral health.

    Getting a dental implant usually takes 1 to 2 hours. Then, you’ll need some time to heal and go back for check-ups. Our skilled dentists make sure everything goes smoothly and comfortably for you, no matter how many implants you need.

    The most common dental emergency is a toothache caused by decay or infection. If you experience severe pain or swelling, contact us immediately for prompt treatment.

    At Dentistry on Bayview, our dentist near you provide safe in-office teeth whitening. Our treatments are tailored to what you want and need, ensuring a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. Trust us for a radiant smile makeover!