Established in 1968, our practice has been serving North York and the Greater Toronto Area for over 40 years. We’ve developed long-term relationships with our patients based on our exceptional service, trust, and respect for everyone’s dental needs. At Dentistry on Bayview, we like to go the extra mile in making your dental visits the best experience possible by prioritizing not only your oral health, but also your comfort.

Invisalign in North York

What does Dentistry on Bayview offer for your comfort and convenience?

Our dentists for children in North York work tirelessly in order to not only maintain you and  your children’s oral health, but also make a lasting impression on your children’s lives. This is the time when we either make or break your children’s perspective of the dentist, so we’ll do anything in our power to make a good impression on your child. At Dentistry on Bayview, we pride on our ability to give you and your children comfort during your dental appointments by providing you with various entertainment and perks:

  • Ceiling Mounted TV’s in all treatment rooms to keep you entertained while your appointment breezes on by
  • Early morning, late evening, and weekend appointments for your differing schedules
  • Warm pillows and blankets for your comfort
  • Ample parking in a convenient retail plaza location
  • Appointment reminders via phone call, email or text.

What are the services we offer for your oral health?

We offer various services and treatments for people of all ages with respective dental needs. Here are some of them:

At Dentistry on Bayview, our kid’s dentists in North York utilize advanced new technologies to better understand and diagnose your dental issues and needs. We use top-of-the-line technologies and employ world-renowned dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants to serve you better.

Dr. John Chung, your most trusted family dentist in Toronto, aims to provide individuals and families with a comfortable and relaxing environment where we strive to exceed your expectations through outstanding results and our friendly staff. Contact us or book an appointment today.