If you’re looking for a good children’s dentist in North York then Dentistry on Bayview may be the right place for you. Our dentists are equipped and experienced with anxious patients and children.

What makes us so good with patients that are children?

Our North York dentists work tirelessly to create a comforting and fun environment for your children. We don’t want to make them fear the dentist and end up having a dental phobia. We know how hard that can be if your child ends up hating the dentist. So, Dentistry on Bayview offers services like sedation dentistry, hygiene services like sealants, orthodontics, bonded fillings, as well as, games, TV’s in operatory rooms so your children can watch their favorite shows and movies while they’re getting their teeth done.

We are also equipped with renowned dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants who have world-class and years of experience dealing with scared and antsy children. Dr. Chung, your most trusted kids dentist in North York, received his dental training at the prestigious Boston University Goldman School of Dentistry (D.M.D). He’s been practicing dentistry since 2002 and is a member of several dental organizations.

Dentistry on Bayview’s mission is to keep you happy while maintaining your oral health. So, if that means keeping your children distracted and well-behaved while they’re sitting for their dental appointments then we’ll happily provide that for you.

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