TMD Night Guards Near You

Our teeth are vulnerable to damage during the day and while we sleep. Bruxism (clenching and grinding our teeth) is a common cause of this damage. Like any dental condition, if left untreated by a professional, it can cause more serious problems to manifest. Fortunately, it can be managed using a TMD night guard.

Speak with your dentist in North York if this is something that interests you. They can guide you through the process step-by-step and answer all your questions.

TMD Night Guards in North York

What is TMD?

TMD stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Bruxism is just one reason that such dysfunction can arise, as continual grinding puts unnecessary stress on your jaw muscles and joints.

The lower portion of your jaw is where the joints are located, and they attach to the base of your skull. When an injury occurs, it can interfere with your ability to eat, open and close your mouth, and speak clearly and without pain. Chronic TMD can also lead to headaches, neck aches, and earaches.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to book a consultation with a dentist near you. They’ll carefully examine your mouth and jaw via a physical inspection and a series of x-rays; they may feel along your jaw and down your neck, checking for any lumps or signs that something is out of place. Make sure to provide them with details about your situation, since all this information will allow them to make the best recommendation.

How Night Guards Can Help

Despite seemingly like a simple device, a night guard is a very effective tool against bruxism and other TMD-related issues. Designed from soft, flexible dental plastic, the guard works as a barrier, keeping your upper and lower arch separated. As a result, they will not rub against one another, even unconsciously. There will be less pressure and strain on your smile and jaw, which will help alleviate pain and prevent enamel erosion. In addition, you’ll be able to rest more peacefully and get the sleep you deserve.

You can purchase stock night guards at a pharmacy, but customized TMD night guards in North York are highly recommended. A device that has been tailored to meet your oral dimensions will be more comfortable, and it will last longer. However, do note that dental guards are not meant to last forever; you’ll need to have them replaced in the future.

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