Emergency Dentist Near You

Our teeth are a lot stronger than we realize, but that doesn’t mean they can withstand anything. Accidents and trauma can happen, which, in turn, can cause injury to our smile. When our teeth, gums, and bones aren’t functioning correctly, we can experience pain, sensitivity, and have trouble performing daily actions like biting and chewing.

You’re encouraged to contact a emergency dentist in North York right away if you’re dealing with an oral health emergency. You’ll be seen promptly and given the care you need.

Emergency Dentist in North York

What are Common Smile Emergencies?

Dental professionals are no strangers to tooth decay and damage; fortunately, many services are available to help get your smile back to functioning flawlessly and looking beautiful. That said, some issues that dentists frequently deal with are noted below:

  • Untreated cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Infections
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Trauma to your tongue, cheeks, lips
  • Broken orthodontic equipment
  • Severe bleeding
  • Tooth fragmentation

When you come in to receive emergency dentistry in North York, your dentist will gently but thoroughly examine your smile and ask questions about what has happened and the degree of pain you’re experiencing. They’ll take x-rays, too. All this information helps them develop the most effective treatment plan moving forward.

Don’t be shy to voice any worries you have; your peace of mind is important too, and you have every right to understand the ins and outs of your situation.

Treatments Available

The severity of your case will determine what measures are most appropriate. That said, your emergency dentist near you can recommend any of the treatments noted below to repair your smile and self-confidence:

Your preferences, requirements, and goals will be considered; your dentist will use them to customize your treatment. If needed, you may be asked to attend a follow-up session so they can ensure that your smile is healing properly.

Local anesthesia or more moderate forms of sedation dentistry can be provided to help you stay relaxed.

Need Urgent Care?

At Dentistry on Bayview, our staff is at your disposal; if you need immediate dental attention, please come see us as soon as you can!

Nobody deserves to live with oral discomfort; rather, you should be enjoying what your smile has to offer each day. Contact our emergency dentist in North York today to get the care you need.